Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A tiny flutter, and a whole new universe

"One who picks one’s friends from all age groups need not pick one’s nose out of abject boredom.” Tao wisdom of the season

All our close friends are of the same age group, the fruitful 25-35 age group, when lulled by stable relationships and constant paychecks, people start producing little tyrants aka babies. So now, without any warning, we find our self in the midst of doting new parents, anxious parents-to-be, and a few anxiously working to be anxious-parents-to-be.

It is as though a pregnancy virus is havocking around us, transforming normal couples into baby monitoring systems. The whole conversation in our weekend gatherings revolve around these tiny tyrants, and what they can do- sleep, eat, burp and go ssssss and poooop. I can hardly remember those glorious days when our conversations didn’t start with how many times junior did potty today, or which music little one (she is yet to make her royal appearance to world) prefers. Just as I cunningly steer the conversation to a no-baby zone, my pregnant friend shrieks ‘feel my tummy now, she kicked, she kicked’ and the whole lot goes berserk over a flutter. Such attention grabbers!

You think am over-reacting? Listen to this. Having not heard from a friend for a while, I call her up, and she makes me listen to her tyrant go gabloo blu blu over his bath. I play along hoping to talk to her, and finally she takes the receiver to tell me ‘okay aunty, we are going to sleep now, bye bye aunty’. Eh? And this is the same girl who used to call me at 12 am throughout her third trimester because she couldn’t fall asleep. I know I have to do something before these tiny tyrants take away all my friends and I relapse into my childhood habit of gold digging.


Anonymous said...

well you could join them.. no?

Reshma said...

ha ha

sapna said...

hihihi i think so too, have some tiny monsters going 'gabloo blu blu' yourself :))

Anonymous said...

hehe. i know the feeling - we were annoyed too until a little one arrived in our lives. now, everything seems normal :)


Reshma said...


Achinthya said...

Aaaahhhh Reshma
From diapers now your horizon will widen to nursery rhymes , school admission hassles ,comparison of notes on schools and teachers ...haa its going to be an avalanche of worse stuff darling.
Get some earplugs or join UPKF and teach 'em all a lesson

Reshma said...

Achinthyeedathy, maybe i should form an alliance with the little tyrants and turn against my former friends;) upkf?