Sunday, June 03, 2007

Either, or

Last week daylillies bllomed in my backyard. Bold orange flowers with brown stamen stood upright on their stems. I was moved. I cut off a branch and placed it in a vase on my coffee table. One large flower and two buds. A moment passed, or perhaps a day or two. Two large flowers and a bud. I stood in awe. I vowed to witness the next miracle, and kept constant watch day and night. And, then there were three large flowers.

Either something so graceful opens up so freely that it is hard for the eye to capture, or something so dazzling bursts out with such violent energy that the eye dare not touch it.
Either way, it's a shame that I cannot witness something so beautiful as the blooming of a daylily.

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austere said...

why the wistfulness, reshma? such a beautiful thing, flowers coming into their own