Sunday, January 20, 2008

How many spoonsful of sugar in your tea?

How many spoonsful of sugar in your tea? our hostess asked; a silver spoonful of sugar paused over a cup. Silverware gleamed, crystal vases sparkled and soft lighting threw its warmth on us. She gracefully measured and added sugar to each of our cups, half a spoonful for Parag, two spoonsful for Kiran, a spoonful each for Ramya and Azhar, and so on. Garam chai and bhajias, Kishore kumar's deep voice and a roaring fire in the fire place. We sat scattered on sleek leather couches, as our carefully measured words slithered out, greeted each other, paused, and vanished into thin air before they could mean something. Outside the door lie a world where Narendra Modi wears the crown for the second time, and Mullas sit in dark corners sowing hatred into insecure minds. How many spoonsful of sugar in your tea, dear?

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The Prophet Of Frivolity said...

No comments. Just to let you know that I have promenaded this path: now pausing, now taking deep,anguished breath, now stopping to lend an ear to the sound of the clouds gathering,now leaning over the chair and wondering why the A/C is too cold,and....then I gaze at the numinous images struggling to take form in words, failing..I hear the thoughts rollicking mischeviously for they escaped the unbecoming robe of words.