Thursday, March 23, 2006

So did I

Yesterday too, as we sat yawning at the usual scenes of late night news voices intruded from the other side of the wall, raw voices rising above the screams of panic-struck Iraqis scurrying with a bleeding young man on a stretcher(so distant, so ugly). Raw voices and loud thuds of furniture being thrown about- furniture or whatever it is that makes a thud as it strikes down. As their voices grew louder and took the shape of ugly words thrown recklessly, we grew silent; reddening like children caught peeping in through the windows of strange houses. By the time we retreated to our bedroom a faint whimper was all that I could hear. Hers.

Today on my morning walk, as I stood indulgently pining over a withered bloom (so beautiful, so sad) I saw him ; a big burly guy with a sudden smile. Just an ordinary looking guy. He waved and greeted me.


lazydad said...

did u wave back????

ANu/ Froggikkins said...

Superbly written....
a whitered bloom eh.....reminds me of " phool aise bhi hain jo khile hee nahin. jinke khilne se pehele fiza khaaa gayee" from safar. agree with austere...(or was it austere...memory fails me...growing old u see...)posting comments was much easier on rediff

But hey happy new blog....
- ANu urf Froggikkins

Anonymous said...

this made the hair on the back of my hand crawl..
(sorry- bad grammar)
i could hear the loud shouts and the thuds..
(hmm anu what did i say - anyway i dont mind taking credit)

Reshma said...

I did, LD. and welcome!

Anu, err I don't eat chappati regularly, so hindi nahi maloom ;)

Austere, ha ha!