Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What i seek

Wide sweeps of blue sky
lures me; not
to soar and flit,
like a stringless kite,
to stretch my limbs and mind
on this brown earth.

The poetic Golden Cage
ruffles me not.
It is the cages within,
I break against.

Earthborn, Earthbound
I seek ; not
ethereal stars
morsels of Freedom
on this dry earth.


-A- said...

"It is the cages within,
I break against."

So true! Beautifully written!

dbroadbandb said...

...a parched throat thirsts for a drop of "life"...do we not wish there was an end to this "strife"?

vikram said...

ehereal beauty!

Cherie! said...

Beautiful. You do mean 'stringless kite' right?

V said...

What I seek;not
What I got.

Friggikkins said...

Choti si aasha eh?
But then J Austen says if u get all u had sought/ wanted, there wouldn't be any more hope or longing....not much a life then eh? But dream, for they will come true...and seek, u will have em oneday....soon too...u never know.
- Froggikins

Reshma said...

Cherie, Thanks for that close reading.
V, good one! the power of a semicolon:)

Achinthya said...

Beautiful. reminds me of a huge banyan tree, with its roots firmly gipping the earth, butthe branches stretched out into the vast blue sky!

Reshma said...

Achintyeedathi,a banyan tree for you and a teeny weeny sprout for me:) we bring ourself into a text, alle?:)am so happy to see you here!

Anonymous said...



sapna said...

Hi Reshma, beautiful poem, as always:) Happened to see your comments on my blog just today! Had turned on 'moderate comments' and then didn't know how to, till today that is. Wonder what maddy wouldve said to that :) - sap

Bindu Vijayakumar said...

Hi Resma,

You are real creative gal..may it be writing poems..or cooking..

your blogs rock.